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The Andy Fund provides funding essential to Norris Cotton Cancer Center's research focused on cancer of the brain, especially glioblastoma multiforme.  The Andy Fund enables investigators to pursue new ideas that may lead to more effective and patient-centered care.  Promising scientists can develop preliminary research data that can then be used to pursue grant opportunities from external funding organizations such as the National Institutes of Health. By developing and sharing his/her research through publication and collaborative relationships, the investigator has an impact upon the scientific community at large and contributes to the process of discovery in cancer research.

The Andy Fund is managed by the Cancer Center Administration and funding recommendations are made by the Cancer Research Committee (CRC) and submitted to the Director of Norris Cotton Cancer Center and the Dean of Dartmouth Medical School for approval. In its deliberations regarding allocation from the Andy Fund for 2011, the CRC recognized the specific purpose of The Andy Fund to support research in malignant brain tumors at Norris Cotton Cancer Center and chose to support the innovative research being undertaken by Dr. Brenton Paolella, working in the lab of Dr. Mark Israel.

The Andy Fund is a critical discretionary resource for Norris Cotton Cancer Center. We greatly appreciate the consideration of the donor in establishing this Fund at Dartmouth, and are committed to applying it to the most compelling brain cancer research initiatives brought forward by our scientists.


Mark A. Israel, MD

Director, Norris Cotton Cancer Center
Professor of Pediatrics and Genetics

Please click the link below to see the full 2011 - 2012 Status Report.

2011 - 2012 Status Report

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